Introducing Vme!

A Person to Person Challenge App for the Competitor inside us!

We are transforming the world of p2p challenge creation with an easy to use platform that sets a new standard for creating friendly wagers and exchanging the winnings.

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    Video Games

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Accept. Play. Get Paid.

How It Works

Your Challenge, Your Terms.

Extend Any Entertainment Experience.

Digitally Create and Distribute Personal Challenges With Friends

Two or more people can now define and create any performance-based challenge, invite their friends, set the parameters and quickly collect funds for conditional disbursement upon acceptance and completion!

Leveraging interactions that exist today, we automate the process and deliver the opportunity to enhance this social experience. Any 1v1 online video game competition (FortNite, Call of Duty, Madden). Any p2p sporting event. Any individual or group handshake challenge (golf, tennis, health, fitness).

Unlimited Possibilities!

Led by a powerful fintech platform, this P2P entertainment space provide the biggest brands a way to align with these large hard-to-reach demographics and deliver instant access to digital wallets bringing live challenges to the virtual world and virtual challenges to the real world in a simple, fun, familiar way.


The Gamer

Adult gamers that play online with friends or in tournaments (playing or spectating)


The Athlete

Athletes that want to create challenges with friends, family, associates


The Handshake

Friends extending a social experience with a “handshake” challenge on the golf course, at home or anywhere in-between

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